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Behjat Publications and Behjat Bookstore were founded in 1970 by Zabihullah and Mohammad-Ali BEHJAT. From that year until today, the history of Iran has undergone many changes. Revolution, War, Sanctions and… during of all these happens this publication continued his works without any interruption.
BEHJAT publications active in various fields and publish books in different subject areas. In some subject areas we were the first publisher that have published many books in that subject and have introduced the subject such as Yoga, Zen, Buddhism, East Asian mysticism, Vegetarian Cooking and etc. or their authors to Iranians. Also, for the first time, we have introduced writers like Karen Horney, Deepak Chopra, Alan watts, William Golding, Sadhguru etc. to Iranians. It should be noted that our publication have published hundreds of titles in the field of history, culture and mysticism of ancient Iranian. Also we have published dozens of academic and scholarly researches on Religion of Zoroastrianism and their book – Avesta – , Avestan script and language, Mithraism, Cuneiform and etc.
Our books are available in all libraries of Iranian universities and in all research centers who working on Iranian language, history and culture.
We are proud to announce, there is no doubt that in every Iranian bookstore there will be available some titles from Behjat Publishing Books.
Despite all the difficulties, Behjat publication is one of the oldest publishers of Iran that has continued its professional career up to now.

Behjat publication,

N. 1978, Vali-asr Ave., Dorahi Yousefabad,

Teheran, Iran CP. 1433613364

tel: +982188967176, +982188967176

You can see below some of the books that Behjat Publication has translated and published in the last few years.

Inner Engineering


مثل گربه فکر کن مثل گربه رفتار کن

Agier Et Penser Comme Un Chat

Stephane Garnier


Ellen J. Langer

طریقت ذن

The Way Of ZEN

Alan W. Watts

The Sane Society

Erich Fromm

Man For Himself

Erich Fromm

Our Inner Conflicts

Karen Horney

Self – Analysis

Karen Horney

Neurosis & Human Growth

Karen Horney

The Neurotic Personality of Our Time

Karen Horney

New Ways in Psychoanalysis

Karen Horney

فراسوی اصل لذت

Beyound The Pleasure Principle

Sigmund Freud

Down And Out in Paris And London

George Orwell

Each Day is Its Own Day

Masoud Mahdavipour


Alessandro Baricco

The Genie in Your Genies

Dawson Church, Ph .D

Beyound The Relaxation

Afshin Hatami Monazeh, Farid Nikbin

Vegetarian Dishes

Kurma Dasa

اطلاعات تماس

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اینجا سایت رسمی کتابفروشی بهجت است. کتابفروشي پنجاه ساله که به عنوان قديمي‌ترين کتابفروشي خيابان ولي‌عصر نام برده مي‌شود. در اين سايت ما با قرار دادن منو‌هاي متنوع و حرفه‌اي انتخاب کتاب را برايتان ساده‌‌تر، دقيق‌تر و سريع‌تر کرديم. همچنين براي اولين بار فهرست و مقدمه هر کتاب را در بخش توضيحات آن کتاب آورديم که با آگاهي بيشتري کتاب‌تان را انتخاب کنيد.